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Everyone's two cents on Nightline

ABC's interest in David Letterman and disinterest -- or at least decreased
interest -- in Nightline continues to draw criticism and comment,
including from Ted Koppel himself, journalist watchdogs Tom Rosenstiel and Bill
Kovach and columnists William Safire (The New York Times) and E.J. Dionne
(The Washington Post).

The flood of comment is in response to a New York Times article
quoting unnamed ABC executives calling Koppel's program 'irrelevant' (by way of
justifying the network's pursuit of David Letterman).

Since then, word is that CBS has countered with an offer for Letterman, that
Howard Stern has been mentioned as a replacement for Letterman if he goes to ABC
and that Cable News Network would like to have Koppel if ABC gets Letterman.

At press time, Koppel was still on ABC, Letterman was still on CBS and yet
another pundit was penning a column about the issue.