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EstrellaTV Cuts Affiliate Deal With Pappas

Liberman Broadcasting (LBI Media) has inked an affiliate deal with Pappas Telecasting Companies that puts its Hispanic network EstrellaTV on KSWT-TV, Channel 13.3 in the Yuma, Ariz./El Centro, Calif. market. The deals boosts EstrellaTV's affiliate list to 27 and means that the network now reaches about 77% of U.S. Hispanic homes.

"Being located right on the border of the U.S. and Mexico, KSWT reaches more Hispanic communities than any other station," said Andrew Wyatt, general manager of KSWT, in a statement. "We are impressed with LBI Media's vision and believe that this partnership with EstrellaTV is a perfect fit for KSWT and our viewers. Seeing the success that EstrellaTV has already experienced, we think that EstrellaTV will grow to be a dominating factor in the Hispanic broadcasting world.