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EstrellaTV Cuts Affiliate Deal with KMBY-TV

The Hispanic network EstrellaTV has expanded into the Monterey-Salinas California market as a result of an affiliate deal with KMBY-TV that puts EstrellaTV's programming on Channel 19.2.

KMBY-TV, which is owned by Cocola Broadcasting Companies, operates in the 34th largest U.S. Hispanic market, with about 68,800 Hispanic TV households. It is the 10th California market where EstrellaTV's programming is now available. Nationwide, the deal puts EstrellaTV into 37 markets, reaching about 77% of U.S. Hispanic homes.

"We're proud to see EstrellaTV successfully deepen its roots in California and flourish across the U.S.," noted Lenard Liberman, CEO and president of LBI Media, which owns EstrellaTV and produces about 60 hours a week of original programming for the network, in a statement.

"Available over-the-air on channel 19.2, we expect Comcast and Charter to carry EstrellaTV on their channel line-up in the coming months," added Gary M. Cocola, chairman and CEO of Cocola Broadcasting Companies.