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Espinel Confirmed as IP Enforcement Coordinator

The Senate Thursday night confirmed Victoria Espinel as the
country's first IP Enforcement Coordinator.

Espinel told Senate Judiciary Committee members at her confirmationhearing last month that one of the first issues she will need to grapple
with is balancing network neutrality and piracy protection.

Espinel said she knew there was a tension between those two
aims, but thought there didn't have to be. She said she believed there was a
way to insure an open Internet, leave room for reasonable network management
and still make sure the Internet was not being used for the distribution of
"all types of illegal content," including pirated material.

The White House IP post, which will coordinate enforcement
of intellectual property laws by various government agencies, was created by
the Pro-IPAct.

"Ms. Espinel has the opportunity to improve enforcement
and promotion of IP rights in the U.S.
and abroad," said Dr. Mark Esper, executive VP of the U.S. Chamber of
Commerce's Global
Intellectual Property
Center, in a statement.
"Her extensive background and expertise in these areas will be crucial as
she works to protect the creative and innovative industries that help drive our
economic growth. This action by the Senate is a historic step in recognizing the
importance of America's
innovative and creative economy."