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Engineering Emmys Awarded

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has given its Philo T. Farnsworth Award to NASA for the technological innovations necessary for the first live broadcasts from the moon. That announcement came Thursday (July 23), three days after the 40th anniversary of the moon walk telecast.

The award is for long-term contributions to the state of TV technology and engineering.

ATAS also announced its four Prime Time Engineering Emmys. They are going to Henson Digital Puppetry for a system of controlling and voicing digital characters in real time and lowered cost; Fujinon for its Precision Focus Assist for HDTV cameras; Litepanels LED lighting products for energy-efficient, low-wattage and v-oltage lighting; and the Dolby DP600 audio platform.

An engineering plaque will also go to Grip Trix for its electric motorized camera dolly.

The awards will be handed out at a ceremony Aug. 22 in Los Angeles.