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Encore Tops 25 Million Subs

Premium movie network Encore now has 25 million subscribers, according to its owner Starz Entertainment Group LLC.

Encore, the companyís first movie network, launched in April 1991 and built up to 10 million subscribers in the first five years and 20 million by 2002. Depending on agreements with individual cable operators, some Encore subscribers also receive up to six spin-off Encore-branded movie networks, each programmed with a different genre of movie fare, such as westerns, mysteries, action and drama.

Starz Entertainment Group, a subsidiary of Liberty Media Corporation, also owns the Starz suite of six movie networks, which reach 14.1 million subscribers.

With mostly digital carriage, the Encore and Starz networks are still far less distributed, however, than fellow pay cable movie networks HBO and Showtime and command lower license fees.