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Encoda's smart Mart

Encoda Systems will intro
duce a product that is designed to improve centralized back-office functions and, if used properly, the company says, can help improve employee performance.

Called Encoda Mart, the data-mining and business-analysis system provides browser-based access to centralized databases containing information related to spot sales.

"Information is powerful, and station groups are doing a combination of cursory reports," says Encoda President Dave Netz. "But they aren't really getting at the heart of some of the information they should have access to."

Netz says that one of the top requests Encoda has received from station groups is that they need better and faster access to information on what is happening at the station level. The Encoda Mart system is designed to allow designated personnel at the station and group level to compare and analyze sales information.

For example, general sales managers could access the system to get a sense of how salespeople are doing. At the group level, say, management could see how a particular sales representative in a particular market is performing against those in the entire system.

The system includes 100 built-in templates that can be specified by the end-user. It carries a monthly service fee. "We looked at doing a seat pricing model," Netz says, "but decided at this stage to just do a system-wide approach."

According to Netz, the reports can also be set up so that they can be accessed at specific times. Sales people can do daily downloads into the repository, with the reports automatically generated. Those reports then are placed in a queue and sent to the Web site. And at a given time, say Monday morning, the report can be accessed.

Encoda's Paradigm management system for mid- to large-market stations will also have new features at NAB. Version 5.0 will include enhanced multichannel and digital capabilities, including a browser-based work-order tool that automates program-preparation tasks like dubbing and closed captioning.

Paradigm modules are also being updated. New features for Traffix include improved inventory-management and sales-management reporting and automated schedule loading.

Encoda's DAL Channel Manager D-Series automation system now supports multichannel operations requiring coordinated origination and control at both central and remote sites. An advanced graphical user interface has multichannel timeline display as well as selected channel detailed playlist views and control.