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Emmy Season Kicks Off

A Better Plan for the Emmys

ATAS Chairman John Shaffner knows last year’s multi-host show didn’t work. He weighs in on planned changes, the plus of working with CBS and more. More

Emmy Adds Seat at Series Table

Just as things seem to be tightening everywhere in the world, the Emmys are doing one noteworthy bit of splurging. With the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences expanding to six the number of Emmy nominees in 10 top categories—comedy and drama series, and the acting fields for male and female regulars—there's new hope for programs and performers left out in previous years. More

What Makes Reality Stand Out

Reality television shows often draw in audiences with footage designed to captivate, amuse and shock. But according to reality players, the programs that move from the mundane to Emmy-deserving consistently deliver one particular thing: a moment so honest that the viewer can't help but respond with real emotion. More

Web Clip Campaigns Growing

Reducing a half-hour or hour-long TV series to a short clip might not offer the best representation of a show's overall quality. But as the number of people watching TV online in bite-size chunks grows, so, too, do such clips' potential to affect Emmy results—even if their impact so far has been negligible at best. More