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Emmy loves basic cable

Basic-cable executives are giddy over this year's original hits like The
and Monk.

Aiming to quantify basic original-programming success, MTV Networks research
chief Betsy Frank took a look at the prime time Emmy Award nods this year and last.

"All of the growth is coming from cable," Frank said.

Basic-cable networks increased their Emmy nominations 45 percent, from 69
last year to 100.

Broadcast-TV nominations, meanwhile, fell 15 percent, from 255 to 218.

"Cable is evolving," Frank said. "Other than sitcoms, there are hits in every

FX's bad-boy cop drama, The Shield, boasted three nods, including a
basic-cable first for best actor.

Turner Network Television's 22 nominations included best miniseries for Mists of Avalon.
A&E Network's Shackleton is up in the same category.

Nonscripted fare like The Learning Channel's hit redecorating show, Trading Spaces, is on
the Emmy screen, and South Park, Cartoon Network's Samurai Jack
and Discovery Channel specials are up for animation awards.