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Eisner weighs in on media dereg

Michael Eisner has filed comments at the Federal Communications Commission
in support of maintaining media-ownership rules and extending the comment

No, it isn't the same one who oversees The Walt Disney Co. and ABC.

This Michael Eisner -- no relation -- is a geologist and
environmental regulator working for the state of Maryland and just one of
thousands of citizen complainers who have filed comments to the FCC Web site (


Eisner cited the lack of news coverage of the issue by the major media,
saying it has "at least the appearance of conflict of interest." He would also
like to see more public hearings.

"I'm a regulator and I deal with the public-participation process," he said. "When we issue permits, we have multiple
hearings around the state. The rapidity and the secrecy with which they are
trying to do this is not a good omen for democracy."