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Edie Falco Returns to Cable for Showtime Pilot

The Sopranos star Edie Falco will return to premium television if a new pilot ordered by Showtime gets picked up.

The pilot, still untitled, is a half-hour “dark comedy” that takes a twisted view of the U.S. health-care system gone awry. It follows a nurse in a New York hospital (Falco) who does whatever it takes -- be it calling out superiors or upsetting the status quo -- to save lives, all while juggling her difficult personal life.

"To be bringing Edie Falco to Showtime is both a privilege and an honor," Showtime president of entertainment Robert Greenblatt said in making the announcement. "She sits firmly in the pantheon of the great actresses of our day, and to have found a show and a great role that meets her standards after six seasons of The Sopranos is our distinct pleasure and great fortune. ‘Bada bing’ is all I can think of to say."

Despite praise for her dramatic work on The Sopranos, Falco is no stranger to comedy, having been featured in a recurring role on NBC’s 30 Rock earlier this season.

"My time on The Sopranos was so rich and so full; the challenge has been finding something else that would excite me. This character and the writing are truly thrilling," Falco said in a statement.