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EchoStar: Merger good for TV creators

EchoStar Communications Corp. wants TV writers, directors and producers to
know that its proposed merger with DirecTV Inc. -- which would give EchoStar
control over all of the spectrum allocated for direct-broadcast satellite in the
country -- will actually be good for them.

"We do not understand why television writers, directors and producers would
have concerns about the pending EchoStar/DirecTV merger when it will eliminate
the duplication of hundreds of channels and free up capacity to offer new
channels and new TV shows," EchoStar spokesman Marc Lumpkin said. "In essence,
the merger includes the opportunity to provide more jobs for TV writers,
directors and producers."

On Monday, The Caucus for Television Producers, Writers & Directors sent a
letter opposing the merger to the Federal Communications Commission, the Department of Justice and members of Congress. The letter called the merger a threat to
both "economic competition and creative diversity," and it called on the FCC and the
DOJ to block the transaction, saying that it is not in the public