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EchoStar dismisses Rusch's report

EchoStar today attacked a consultant's report being touted by opponents of
the company's $26.8 billion bid to buy DirecTV.

The report by consultant Roger Rusch predicting feasibility of a super
satellite that can deliver all local channels in every market is little more
than scientific musing, EchoStar said.

'With enough time and enough money, almost anything is possible on paper,' the company told House Judiciary
Committee Chairman James Sensenbrenner.

Broadcasters and a rural satellite-TV cooperative say the Rusch report proves
EchoStar does not need to acquire DirecTV in order to deliver local
broadcasters' signals.

EchoStar counters that the report relies on incorrect or unproven assumptions
about the feasibility of the super satellite and disregards whether such a
system is commercially viable.