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DTV promotion timed for NFL playoffs

Broadcast and consumer equipment trade groups will launch a DTV marketing campaign in four cities beginning after Jan. 1, according to industry sources.

The promotion, sponsored by the National Association of Broadcasters and the Consumer Electronics Association, will feature TV spots and public relations events aimed at enticing consumers into buying digital sets. The campaign will include Big Four affiliates in Houston, Portland, Ore. and Indianapolis. Either Baltimore or Washington, D.C. also will be included.

The promotion will be timed to generate sales during the prelude to the Super Bowl, considered a prime time for big screen TV sales. Participating stations will donate ad time for some spots and local retailers will buy time as well. Production of the spots will by funded the NAB.

Retailers also will hold "HD Weekends" featuring displays of high-definition sets.

General plans for the joint promotion were first announced at the NAB's convention in April. - Bill McConnell