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DTV-to-PC alliance

Fourteen technology companies, including semiconductor suppliers, software firms and datacasting proponents, have formed the PC DTV Promoters Group to speed the adoption of DTV-receiving technology in personal computers. The group comprises ATI, Broadlogic, Conextant, Decisionmark, Hauppauge Digital, iBlast, Intel, InterVideo, Pinnacle Systems, Microsoft, Ravisent, Santa Barbara Software, SCM Microsystems and Wavexpress.

The PC DTV Promoters Group will work to educate consumers on PC DTV technology and applications and the DTV-to-PC receiver products that are slowly rolling out to the market. Intel has been a strong backer of datacasting. In April, Intel said it would work with Compaq to promote DTV receiver cards in PCs. It has also tested datacasting services with PBS and NBC.