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Don't look for David Hasselhoff in anything other than Baywatch togs next season. Hasselhoff's planned weekly syndication series, Doublecross, has been crossed off its producers' to-do list, sources say.

The weekly action series, from Kaleidoscope Media Group, was already cleared in 80% of the country for a fall rollout. Kaleidoscope executives failed to return calls by press time.

Doublecross was originally titled A.K.A. Picasso and was to have Hasselhoff playing a convicted art forger working for a special government agency.

Hasselhoff, who stars in and is the co-creator and executive producer of Pearson Television's Baywatch Hawaii, is set to end the current season of that series in an explosive accident that leaves viewers wondering whether the lifeguard is dead or alive.

Sources say Hasselhoff will probably be coming back to Baywatch Hawaii during the 2000-2001 season, likely resurfacing during the November sweeps. Pearson executives had no comment.