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Don’t look for Who’s Your Daddy II.

Don’t look for a Who’s Your Daddy II.

Fox Entertainment President Gail Berman didn’t directly address the criticism of the reality show, but when asked whether the show was a mistake, she said: “It just didn’t work and the audience didn’t show, and we move on.”

Fox caught heat for the Jan. 3 show, in which a woman was paid to correctly identify her real father from a group of imposters. She did, which spared viewers the spectacle of her big emotional investment in the wrong dad. It didn't spare Fox criticism, including from noncom types at the Television Critics Association press tour ove rthe weekend.

WGBH, the Boston PBS affiliate is teaming with vocal Who’s Your Daddy critic Adam Pertman on their own adoption program. “This is not Who’s Your Daddy,” WGBH Vice President Margaret Drain said in an interview. “Adoption is not a game. It is not a reality show. It’s about people’s lives and you have to be careful not to trivialize it.”