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Dog days of August for syndies

Syndication ratings were soft for the week ending Aug. 11. The first full week of the
month marked the start of the back-to-school shopping season. PUT (people using
television) levels were down slightly across all demos, but they fell most among
teen-agers. The daytime audience was down by an average of 1.3 million viewers
from the prior week.

Top talk, court, game and relationship shows were all down from the week
before. Top talker Oprah was down 12 percent to a 5.2 and down 7 percent
from last year at this time. Live with Regis & Kelly, the No. 2
talker, was down 3 percent to a 3.4, off 6 percent year-to-year.

Among court shows, Judge Judy was down 8 percent to a 4.8. and off 13
percent from last year. Judge Joe Brown lost 3 percent to a 3.0, down 9
percent from last year.

Among gamers, Wheel of Fortune was down 5 percent to a 7.4 and down 10
percent year-to-year. Jeopardy! was down 2 percent to a 6.2 and down 14
percent from last year. Hollywood Squares was down 8 percent to a 2.3 and
off 26 percent from last year. Family Feud was down 4 percent to a 2.2
and down 12 percent year-to-year. Street Smarts was down 7 percent to a
1.4, off 26 percent from last year.

In the relationship category, rookie Elimidate was down 10 percent --
from the previous week's season high -- to a 1.8. Blind Date was down 5
percent to a 1.8 and down 25 percent from last year. Another rookie, Fifth
, was unchanged at a 1.5. Change of Heart was down 13 percent to
a 1.4 and down 26 percent from last year.