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Disney-ABC Programming Premieres On Hulu

ABC shows made their premiere on Hulu Monday, with Grey's Anatomy being the first program to be available on the NBC Universal, News Corp. and now Walt Disney joint venture.

Hulu will be rolling out other shows from ABC, ABC Family, SOAPnet and Disney Channel over the next two weeks. Other shows that will be available shortly include Desperate Housewives, Scrubs, Ugly Betty, I Survived a Japanese Game Show and Superstars.

While Hulu won't comment publicly on which shows will roll out and when, expect most of the Walt Disney programming to be from ABC, rather than its cable cousins.

Cable networks (with a few exceptions such as FX, Sci Fi and USA) have been reluctant to post full episodes and seasons of their programming online thanks to cable's lucrative dual revenue stream model.

So while a few select episodes of Hannah Montana or Secret Life of the American Teenager may appear on Hulu, don't expect full seasons of current shows.