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Discovery's trading spaces

The folks at Discovery Communications Inc. are finding themselves more in the wilderness than
they expected, but only at lunchtime.

Staffers have started relocating from their longtime Bethesda, Md.,
headquarters to new digs in Silver Spring, a nearby Washington, D.C., suburb in the
midst of urban renewal.

The custom-built HQ is sparkling, with a semi-industrial décor highlighted by
a dinosaur skeleton in the lobby.

But it's not surrounded by decent eateries, in contrast to restaurant-heavy

Discovery executives promised city fathers they wouldn't put in a cafeteria so
employees would support local restaurants.

But the staffers are grousing that the quick salads and $5 sandwiches aren't
around, although there is a McDonald's and a pretty good Cuban spot.

As for the expense-account joints, executives are still entertaining clients back
in Bethesda for now.