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Discovery Channel, BBC Partner on Frozen Planet

Discovery Channel and the British Broadcasting Corp. are following up on the hugely successful Planet Earth miniseries by once again teaming up on a large-scale documentary miniseries, Frozen Planet.

The new eight-part miniseries, scheduled to premiere on the networks in 2012, will explore the animals and eco-systems of the Arctic and Antarctic, using cutting-edge technology so as to observe the animals without disturbing them. Much like Planet Earth, Frozen Planet will be shot entirely in HD.

“Core to Discovery Channel’s mission is to educate viewers about the world around us and show them things that have never been seen before through new technologies,” said John Ford, president and general manager of Discovery Channel, in a statement announcing the miniseries.

“It is exciting to be working with the BBC on a project that takes a deeper look at two of the most extreme areas on the planet,” he added. “Frozen Planet will amaze viewers in its majesty and inform viewers about the Arctic and Antarctic as the climate changes and the plant and animal life has to evolve or perish.”

Discovery recently announced that An Inconvenient Truth would make its network premiere later this year, and that new eco-friendly channel Planet Green would premiere in June.

By focusing on the Arctic and Antarctic in Frozen Planet -- two regions that are at the heart of climate research -- the network is continuing its programming trend of putting a focus on global climate change.