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DirecTV, PWC to Sponsor HRTS Luncheons

DirecTV has joined PricewaterhouseCoopers as a corporate sponsor of the Hollywood Radio & Television Society’s monthly newsmaker luncheons, HRTS said Monday. "Not only will this enhance the image of the luncheons, but it also sends a message to the entertainment industry that HRTS is moving forward and becoming a sophisticated partner for corporate partnership."

As part of its sponsorship, DirecTV gets placement in all HRTS materials throughout the season as well as prominent signage at each HRTS luncheon, each of which draw hundreds of Hollywood execs.

Under the leadership of WB Co-CEO Jordan Levin, and the organization’s former president, NBC Programming President Kevin Reilly, HRTS has been working on remaking itself to present luncheons that are both more newsmaking and more entertainment-focused.

Last month’s panel of network entertainment presidents featured Access Hollywood’s Pat O’Brien as host as well as clips of various network stars asking questions of the top execs. On Wednesday, HRTS is hosting a panel of top Hollywood producers, titled The Hitmakers, that will be moderated by Jimmy Kimmel, host of ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live.