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Digital People Meters Delayed

Look for more delays on the Nielsen front.

At a recent Nielsen Media Research client meeting, executives of the ratings giant said it was delaying the phase-in of its new digital-age people meter, one that measures specific shows rather than channels.The early model wasn't capable of measuring playback viewing for DVRs. Now the new devices (known as active/passive meters) will be phased in mid 2005, when Nielsen begins to measure playback of DVR viewing.
Delay No. 2: No final decision on the planned April 8 start of local-people-meter service in Los Angeles and New York. Insiders hope for a decision next week. The L.A. start, originally salted for March, has already been postponed once. If it's postponed again, "that's actually good news," says one Nielsen client. "What's the rush? Better they should get it right."