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Dear Readers,

All the self-help gurus urge us to embrace change. This week's BROADCASTING & CABLE gives you a great opportunity to practice.

By the time you've gotten to this page, you've no doubt noticed something
has changed. We're bigger and easier to read, for one and two.

And most of all, there's a brand-new section called TV Buyer that is designed to plug in to the advertising community that increasingly turns to B&C for its news about television.

Altogether, we've brightened up quite a bit.

The new design actually goes back to our roots, when the old Broadcasting
started several stories on its front page as we do again beginning with this issue. We like that idea: It lets readers know we're on top of all the big news in all the areas we cover, like cable, broadcasting, regulation, technology and advertising.

On the second page, we've started a feature called Breaking that will manage to give you at least a short take on news that is happening just as our printer is getting ready to press the "start" button.

Otherwise, we didn't try to reinvent the publication that we think has served its readers so well over the past 71 years.

Our Top of the Week section is still there, still filled with the most important, up-to-date information on the news that impacts you most.

Likewise, sections like Programming, Technology and Washington are still dutifully plugging away, but with improvements, big and small, we've heard you wanted. (Want an example? Compare this week's ratings page with what we did previously.)

Regular departments such as Station Break, Changing Hands, Fates & Fortunes, The Fifth Estater and others are still featured, more or less where you'd expect to find them.

New is Fast Track, a compilation of news items you need to know, and In the Loop, a feature that will sniff out television news going on behind the scenes. (To tell you a secret, it's just basically a better title for the old B&C Eye.)

We know, despite a whole shelf of books at Barnes & Noble on the subject, that the world still isn't quite filled with change-embracers. Some loyal B&C readers might need some time to get used to the new us.

We've tried to make the kind of changes that are quite easy to embrace and make BROADCASTING & CABLE even more useful than it was before. Please tell us what you think. Because we did it for you.