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Deal May Come to Telemundo

Endemol USA, which produces game show Deal or No Deal, is in advanced discussions with Telemundo to bring a version of the show to the Spanish-language network, according to people familiar with discussions.

The show, which is joining the NBC schedule after the Olympics, could air on Telemundo as early as this year. A Telemundo spokesman declined to comment on the project but did acknowledge via e-mail that the network is “looking to grow our presence in the game-show genre.”

Scott St. John, executive producer of the NBC version of the show, says he was aware of the proposed Telemundo version but would not be involved. Endemol USA President David Goldberg says the Telemundo version would have a separate production team.

On the NBC version, hosted by Howie Mandel, contestants seek a $1 million top prize by picking from closed briefcases filled with varying amounts of cash, starting at $1. However, the Telemundo show would have smaller monetary rewards, because the show would not be as expensive a production as its NBC counterpart.

According to Goldberg, having Deal on Telemundo would represent the first Endemol format produced by Endemol USA in the U.S. for a Spanish-language broadcaster. “When we sold the show to NBC, we were really specific about our desire to sell the show to Telemundo as well because of our interest in getting into the Spanish-language U.S. broadcast market,” he says. “That has been a goal for some time.”