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‘Daytime’ Lifestyle Show Extends Beyond Tampa

WFLA’s Daytime program is viewed well beyond Tampa-St. Petersburg. The show airs in close to 80% of U.S. markets, said Mark Demopoulos, WFLA director of programming and research. It’s on subchannels and smaller cable networks, but can be found in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, he said.

Cyndi Edwards and Danny New host the show, which Demopoulos calls “all-encompassing.” Daytime features performers, chefs and local experts doing their thing, and celebrities talking up their movie, show or book. It has something of a Tampa focus, Demopoulos said, but most of it plays just fine in other markets. “So much of the information is universal,” he said.

Part of Nexstar, WFLA is hoping for a similar leap for new daytime show Bloom, which launched in September. Demopoulos describes its mindset as a “healthy lifestyle for the body, mind and soul.”

Dietician Carissa Galloway hosts.

The shows can’t have people in the studios amidst the pandemic, but Demopoulos said they’ll freshen up with guests interviewed via Skype.