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Dateline Sting Spurs Calls to Online Watchdog

Nonprofit online safety group i-SAFE America says it has gotten a flood of calls in the wake of NBC's Dateline episode, "To Catch a Predator," which set up an online sting to catch pedophiles.

"The response has been overwhelming," said i-SAFE CEO Teri Schroeder in a statement. "The countless telephone calls and e-mail messages to i-SAFE all echo one thing: Whether it is parents, educators, businesses, or communities, they all want to help our children in the face of this shocking Dateline NBC TV episode and the criminal epidemic it has exposed."

I-SAFE has created an Adopt-a-School program in which community groups sponsor a school and teach the children about online safety using the i-SAFE teaching materials.

I-SAFE is partially funded by the Department of Justice, but is seeking private and corporate funding for the Adopt-a School program.