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Damn with Iger Praise

When ABC parent The Walt Disney Co. axed entertainment chief Susan Lyne last week, The New York Times reported that her boss, Disney president Bob Iger, had been lavish in his praise.

At a Bear Sterns investor conference a month ago, he said that “our job is to support her” and that Lyne had “the goods” to turn the network around.

Clearly, Iger knew Lyne was gone when he uttered those words. Then again, that’s his MO. Five years ago, he was ready to show Jamie Tarses, then ABC Entertainment president, the door.

An intrepid Newsweek reporter heard that Tarses was out and posted it on the magazine’s Web site on a Monday. Iger called the report untrue. The following Wednesday, Tarses was headed for the unemployment line. Moral of story: Keep your friends close and your résumé closer.