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‘Daily Buzz' Hits Boston

The high-energy syndicated morning show The Daily Buzz will air in its largest market when it debuts on Sunbeam's WLVI Boston January 3.
When it debuts on WLVI, The Daily Buzz will air on 165 stations, the majority of them CW affiliates. The show, owned by Acme Communications, offers partner stations windows in the program to feature local content, or slot in their own local hosts. Four well-scrubbed, well caffeinated hosts front Daily Buzz from its Orlando headquarters.
Sunbeam owns WLVI, a CW affiliate, and WHDH, an NBC affiliate, in DMA No. 7. WLVI did not return a call for comment on picking up the show at presstime.
Fisher Communications worked out a licensing and consulting deal with Acme Communications pertaining to Daily Buzz last spring and now conducts the day to day management of the show under Fisher VP of Digital Content Troy McGuire.