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CW To Headquarter in Burbank

The new CW network will headquarter in Burbank, Calif., in the Pinnacle Building sometime in the fourth quarter, according to CW insiders.

There had been speculation--including a front-page story in the L.A. Times--about just where the new network, which is being formed by CBS and Warner Bros., would eventually be headquartered. UPN is currently based in West L.A. and The WB in Burbank. Both those networks are folding with the advent of The CW.

No details were available about how much of the Pinnacle building The CW would occupy. CBS executives next year are expected to move into new quarters in Studio City, Calif., which is nearby.

With this move and CBS's, four of the five major broadcast networks would be based in the San Fernando Valley area--CW, CBS, ABC, NBC. Fox is in West L.A.