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Cutting Edge

HD for Outdoor Channel

The Outdoor Channel has purchased three Sony HDW-730 HDCAM camcorders and HDW-M2000/1 HDCAM studio editing recorders to help in its move to high-definition. The new technology marks the first phase of the network's plan to offer a HD channel. Outdoor's CEO Andy Dale said, "Superior programming calls for superior equipment, and we believe we've hit the bull's-eye with Sony." The HDW-730 HDCAM camcorder features video cache recording, allowing field crews to store seven seconds of digital HD video in a continuous loop on a camera memory chip. This feature saves battery and tape head life, and can help to "save the shot" during unpredictable situations common in nature photography.

Thales Hits Road

TL Mobile Television, a mobile production company located in Springfield, Mo., has added a number of Thales Angenieux lenses for use covering everything from sporting events to conventions and parades. The company is using two 62X OB/sports lenses, two 26x telephone zoom lenses, one 15x AIF HR lens and a 12x AIF HR wide super zoom lens. TL Mobile President Troy Fain says his operators have found the 26x zoom lenses to be great for handheld use while the 12x wide super zoom is used on a jib.

KMPH(TV) Crowns NewsKing

KMPH(TV) Fresno, Calif., has installed the first Comprompter NewsKing Tapeless Newsroom system. The Pappas Broadcasting station will use the system, which integrates ClipTracker software with NewsKing newsroom automation, and the NewsBank Digital Video System provided by Digital Broadcast of Alachua, Fla. NewsKing ClipTracker tracks every video asset as it is ingested, edited and stored on the SAN or playout server. The NewsBank Video system consists of an ingest server, playout server and a large archive vault. Five edit stations provide newsroom editing while a sixth provides high-end editing with a wide range of effects and transitions.

Turner Adds HD Lenses

Turner Studios has added Fujinon HD telephoto and wide-angle lenses for use on projects for all 20 Turner Entertainment channels. The gear is being used by the studio's Film & Video Unit and is part of its vision for a complete HD future, according to Bud Wendling, director of the unit. Three crews are shooting HD in the field nearly every day and he sees more HD in the studio's future. The lenses include three HA13x4.5ERD wide-angle lenses and three HA22x7.8ERD telephoto lenses that are used on Sony HDCAM camcorders.