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Cutting Edge

Listener's Choice

Home networking will create a buzz at NCTA this week. One example is the joint offering from Music Choice and Intellon. The Music Choice cable-delivered audio service can now be sent anywhere in a household over existing power lines. Subscribers will be able to stream the Music Choice for Broadband service to audio devices connected to standard electrical outlets. They just need to use the Intellon HomePlug audio device.

Upgrade With Ease

Seagate is getting into the in-home DVR storage business, demonstrating a new class of add-on devices that cable or satellite operators can offer customers. The goal is to make it easier for manufacturers of set-top boxes, DVRs, and other home media centers to let users upgrade or expand a current system. Growing HD demand, which requires 10 times as much storage as SD material, will jump-start the change, the company believes.

VoIP for the Masses

Worried that your voice-over-IP (VoIP) system won't answer all of your customers' questions and concerns? Then consider Scientific-Atlanta's SciCare broadband service. It includes project planning, assessment services, design services, staging services, and even installation and post-install support. "As the business model and technology prove themselves, the need to market VoIP applications will be critical for cable operators," says Rob Polak, SciCare director of service operations. "Given the limited number of people who understand VoIP deployment, cable operators need a resource to fill that void."

Tackling Triple Play

To get a better handle on its Triple Play offering, Cox Communications is using Harmonic's Narrowcast Services Gateway (NSG) for the Entertainment On Demand VOD service. Cox has deployed the technology in various cities.