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Cutting Edge

Faster Editing

Leitch is looking to help content providers speed up the HD editing process. VelocityHD, a nonlinear editing system that will debut at NAB next week, is based on the company's Altitude hardware and provides full-resolution online playback of two HD video streams, two HD graphics streams, and true dual-stream, real-time HD transitions and effects. Altitude supports 1080i, 1080p, and 720p frame formats at all common frame rates, with compressed and uncompressed (8-bit and 10-bit) recording and playback. It can also mix compressed and uncompressed footage within a project.

Better Pictures

Improved picture quality for viewers and lower bandwidth usage for cable, satellite, and terrestrial TV broadcasters is the goal of Snell & Wilcox's new CPP1000 Prefix-HD multi-standard HD compression preprocessor (below). Using it with film-originated content, the company says, operators can achieve a bit-rate saving of 3 Mbps with a modest degree of preprocessing and 5 Mbps at a more aggressive setting.

Digital Downloads

Listeners of Crawford Broadcasting's WPWX(FM) Chicago will be able to do something no one else in the country can do: Download new singles heard on-air before they are released to the market. NuFace Entertainment is producing a program that will feature unreleased tracks from major and independent record labels. Following the NuFace Download Hour, listeners will be able to purchase tracks through the station's Web site, which will be hosted on NuFace's digital platform. To be able to download the music, consumers will need the NuFace prepaid digital distribution card, which can be activated at local retail outlets for $5, $10, or $20. As part of the deal, Power 92 will co-sell the ad space on the NuFace Cards, as well as online advertising inventory on the NuFace Download Hour
Web site.

A MicroFirst

Automation vendor MicroFirst will demonstrate new scheduling features for its Digital Automation System (DAS) at NAB. The goal is to help users eliminate discrepancies between station clip lists and schedules. Also new: Schedule Editor, which will allow 16 separate, user-configurable event lists.