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Cutting Edge

Ohio Now

Dispatch Broadcast Group, based in Columbus, Ohio, has tapped WorldNow to create the largest online news platform in Ohio. WorldNow will provide an online news platform for Dispatch's three Internet properties:,, and The Ohio News—which includes WXIX Cincinnati, WOIO Cleveland, WTOL Toledo, WNWO Toledo and WKBN Youngstown. The seven stations will use WorldNow to sell Internet-related advertising and provide the technical online platform. Dispatch hopes the move results in improved cost-efficiencies, better service to online viewers, and greater exposure for advertisers.

Live From Athens

NBC Olympics will use digital video transmission equipment from Scopus Network Technologies for its 24-hour, continuous coverage of the 2004 Olympic Games from Athens Aug. 13-29. NBC will transmit the signals from the International Broadcast Center (IBC) to various sites in the U.S. for broadcast via NBC networks, including the first Spanish-language U.S. broadcast of the Olympics, on Telemundo. Scopus E-1100 MPEG2 DVB encoders, installed at the IBC, will transmit around-the-clock coverage of the games on six channels via satellite and fiber-optic cable to Scopus IRD-2800 integrated receiver decoders (IRDs). Scopus also will support NBC's local video-content creation in Athens by equipping two digital satellite newsgathering trucks with MPEG-2 encoders.

'LIN'ch Pin

The LIN Television Group can't get enough of traffic-and-billing-system provider Video Communications Inc. (VCI). LIN renewed its agreement with the company for another five years. The TV group, with 23 stations in 13 markets, runs 14 stations from two regional centers containing common traffic departments. It uses VCI's STARS II+ system. Scott Blumenthal, VP of regional operations in Indianapolis, says STARS II+ makes it easier to analyze available inventory. "Prior to implementing STARS II+, we were only able to produce a report on available inventory once a day each morning. By midafternoon," he adds, "that report was obsolete. Salespeople had no idea what inventory had been sold and what remained, so opportunities were lost. Now, they can pull up real-time inventory information on their computer screens whenever they need it." LIN TV also uses OneDomain's sales proposal system, integrated with VCI's system.