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Cutting Edge

KLCS-TV Taps Leitch

PBS station KLCS-TV Los Angeles has chosen a number of products from Leitch Technology for its move to digital. Among the gear the station will use: the NEO SuiteView multi-source display processor, Integrator Gold SDI router and Opus master-control switcher. The equipment will be under the control of Leitch's CCS Pilot and CCS Navigator software. The station currently broadcasts an analog and digital channel to more than 16 million viewers.

Media 100 HD for Under $8K

Nonlinear-editing-system manufacturer Media 100 has introduced an HD version of its system priced less than $8,000. Media 100 HD is powered by the new GenesisEngine (844/X) technology, called HDX, and enables 10-bit uncompressed resolution-independent native HD and SD editing. It also provides real-time processing to support resolution independence, permitting editors to mix and match HD and SD source material in the same timeline, a first for personal computers. HDX also provides format conversion, enabling Media 100 HD to convert from any HD format to any HD format, from any SD format to any HD format, and from any HD format to any SD format—in real time. Current Media 100 system owners can upgrade to Media 100 HD for $6,995 or $5,995 if they participate in the beta test.

OMF Meets Final Cut Pro

Software company Automatic Duck has introduced Automatic Duck Pro Import FCP 1.0, a plug-in for the recently released Final Cut Pro (FCP) 4.1 that allows editors to import Avid Open Media Format (OMF) files into FCP. According to Automatic Duck President Wes Plate, the plug-in will allow editors to edit their projects off-line on an Avid editing system and export their timelines into Final Cut Pro systems. The new plug-in is also the first major product to take advantage of Apple's XML interchange technology. Advanced Authoring Format (AAF) support will be included in a near-term update. The plug-in costs $495 with bundle pricing available.