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Current TV And XM Develop Viewer Created Ad Campaign

Current TV, the news network which features content programmed by viewers, is joining with XM Satellite radio to develop an original ad campaign to air on the network. Viewers are invited to create an ad spot for XM radio and submit it to Current TV’s web site by July 30th.

“We are thrilled to partner for the first time with XM Radio on this V-CAM initiative. They clearly understand the new paradigm for engaging young adults by tapping into their authentic vision of XM Radio’s core values and we are eager to see what the Current TV viewers create,” said Liz Janneman, president of global advertising for Current TV.

Viewers will be able to comment and vote on their favorite ad spots on the web, which will then be reviewed by XM executives, who will select as many as four to appear on Current TV. The creator of each ad will receive $1000 for the spot.