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Crossing Over moving to fringe

It looks like Crossing Over with John Edward is getting shifted out of key early fringe slots at least for the time being.

Sources say Los Angeles' KCAL-TV is close to slotting the rookie talk strip to 11 a.m. or 11:30 a.m., a switch from its original 4 p.m. home. The news-heavy station has recently added a 4 p.m. newscast in response to the terrorist attacks, which has bumped Crossing Over to various time slots since Sept. 11. This move should be permanent as long as KCAL sticks with its 4 p.m. news, which should stay put for the next several weeks.

Expanded news coverage has completely pre-empted Crossing Over on WCBS-TV - the original 3 p.m. news lead-in hasn't aired at all on the station since the day of the tragedy. It's still unclear where WCBS-TV will end up airing Crossing Over.

A WCBS spokesperson explained that meetings are happening on a daily basis, with executives working on pleasing the show's distributor Studios USA and people's interest for news, which has especially increased for New York-based viewers. As for KCAL-TV, executives were apparently wrestling over whether Crossing Over makes a suitable news lead-in, worried that some viewers might find a psychic talking to dead people next to news about the horrendous events offensive.

Insiders say that's also a factor weighing on minds at WCBS. It does appear that KCAL thinks enough time has passed to greenlight Crossing Over as a lead-in to its noon newscast. However, that is arguably lower-profile then its afternoon news shows. - Susanne Ault