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CPB Seeks Senior Programmer

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting has enlisted executive search firm BishopPartners to find a new senior VP, TV programming, to head up program development.

The search is to fill the vacancy created by Michael Pack's departure in February.

Pack was brought in three years ago to restructure the department to develop more programming, which he proceeded to do, including the America at the Crossroads project featuring 21 documentaries on "the challenges and oportunites America and the world face in the wake of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001." CPB will spend up to $20 million on the project.

John Prizer, CPB VP of program development, was tapped to serve as acting head of the programming department.

According to a job description from the BishopPartners, Pack's replacement will oversee a $75 million production budget and will be "a key player on a team that holds the strategic responsibility for determining how that money is distributed and spent."

It is unclear how Congress' proposed 23% CPB budget cut would impact that production budget, though the last time CPB's funding was cut almost exactly a year ago, protests led by Democrats and concerned viewers led to eventual reinstatement of the money.