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CPB Committee To Mull Politics-Proofing

A committee comprising three board members of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting will meet April 26 to go over  procedures for preventing political tests in hirings at CPB.

The CPB Inspector General last November concluded that CPB had used "political tests" to recruit President and CEO Patricia Harrison, the former co-chair of the Republican National Committee.

The Public Broadcasting Act prevents CPB from influencing programming decisions and attempts to insulate it from politics. According to the Act,. "no political test or qualification shall be used in selecting, appointing, promoting, or taking other personnel actions with respect to officers, agents, and employees of the Corporation."

The IG report followed criticism of then-CPB Board Chairman Ken Tomlinson for his efforts to add more conservative programming to PBS to balance what he saw as liberal bias. Tomlinson resigned, but challenged the IG findings as "unjustified."

In a Nov. 8 response to the IG, CPB agreed to adopt new internal controls.