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CPB Board Confirms Two Nominees

Late Friday, the Senate confirmed David Pryor and Chris Boskin to the board of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Pryor is a former Senator and Governor of Arkansas. He is seen as a tough but fair moderate who could bring more Blue State backbone to the board. Clue: He was the dean of the Clinton School of Public Service in Little Rock, Ark.

Boskin is a magazine executive and board member of noncommercial KQED San Francisco.

A third White House nominee, Warren Bell, was to get Senate Commerce Committee vetting Sept. 21. His nomination was taken off the agenda after some Democrats registered complaints. Pryor and Boskin went on to breeze through the hearing.

Bell is an outspoken conservative TV writer and producer--According to Jim, Coach, Ellen--whose writings,and comments, including reportedly that he would like to dismantle public TV, concerned the public broadcasting community.

There remains one seat vacant on the nine-member board, which has been revamping oversight policies in the wake of an Inspector General investigation of former Board Chairman Ken Tomlinson that concluded it had become too politicized.