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Court stays campaign-finance limits

Last year's federal campaign-finance-reform restrictions will remain in
effect until the Supreme Court rules on their constitutionality.

A federal court Monday stayed enforcement of its own May 2 decision striking
down most of a law restricting election-season political ads and banning large
corporate and union contributions to political parties.

The campaign-reform law restricts the types of ads that can be broadcast on
TV and radio close to an election.

The law also banned "soft-money" donations to political parties -- a gigantic
source of funds for political TV ads.

The aim of the law, signed by President Bush in March 2002, was to eliminate
what supporters see as the corrupting influence of corporate and interest-group
money into the political process.

Opponents included the National Association of Broadcasters and ranged from
the national Democratic and Republican parties to interest groups of all stripes,
such as the National Rifle Association and the American Civil Liberties