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Court Sides with Comcast in Ad Flap

A U.S. district court ruled in favor of Comcast and against DirecTV in two lawsuits on false advertising.

The Illinois court ruled in favor of Comcast’s motions for injunctions against DirecTV, preventing the satellite-television-service operator from using advertising that references certain consumer and installer surveys. Additionally, the court ruled against DirecTV’s motions for injunctions against Comcast relating to its use of advertising referencing its high-definition picture-quality survey.

"We’re pleased that the court has issued an injunction ordering DirecTV, its affiliates and resellers to immediately stop airing the false and misleading ads claiming superior picture quality over cable,” Comcast said in a prepared statement. “The court’s order confirms, once again, that DirecTV’s claims are unsubstantiated and based on flawed and unreliable studies."

The flare-up between the companies began in May when DirecTV filed a suit against Comcast over its advertising campaign claiming that direct-broadcast satellite customers preferred Comcast’s high-definition picture quality over satellite. The ads were based on findings from a Frank A. Magid Associates study that was commissioned by the cable operator.

Comcast filed its injunction against DirecTV’s advertising campaign challenging Comcast’s picture quality in July.