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Couric Flirts With Late-Night Gig

Katie Couric must be getting weary of those early mornings. The Today host is contemplating a move to late-night television, once her breakfast-hour duties are over.

We blush to report how this came to our attention, but it comes from a close reading of the American Dental Association News. Very close: The cover of the Oct. 9 issue bears a photograph of Couric at the group’s annual convention in Philadelphia the day before.

In the photo, Couric is holding a copy of her prepared remarks. The all-caps print is not terribly difficult to read: “I’m excited about what’s ahead for me professionally and personally. Even though I’m not sure what life after the Today show will bring … I guess there’s always late night—I had so much fun filling in for Jay Leno a couple of years ago!”

An NBC spokesperson, when asked about Couric’s comments at the dental convention, declined to bite.

Even without asking him, we’re pretty sure that Matt Lauer didn’t come away from Today’s week of job-swapping stunts in May 2003 daydreaming about making his temporary arrangement permanent. While Couric traded places with Leno, Lauer spent a day as a New York cab driver.