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Could HDTV Be Out of Sync?

The Audio Engineering Convention, set for Oct. 5 – 8 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, includes a session that caught our eye entitled "AUDIO FOR HDTV - -THE LIP SYNC ISSUE."

What lip sync issue? Seems audio engineers working in TV are concerned about the split-second delay between the video and sound on HDTV broadcasts due to signal processing requirements in HDTV.

As broadcasters use more of the bit stream for logos and promos and crawls and time codes and text, there is the growing problem of the delay between the audio and video created by that processing load, according to David Bialik, who heads the broadcast track of session for the convention.

Bialik says some broadcaster are even avoiding using all of the stream over concerns about the delay, which is even more prominent on the big screens that are selling the HDTV service to consumers.

There are several technological fixes, but yet no standard fix for the problem, says Bialik.