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Corrections The July 3 issue incorrectly reported that FCC Commissioner Harold Furchtgott-Roth, whose term expired June 30, must step down no later than the end of this year's Congress, if he isn't renominated. In fact, absent a confirmed successor, he may stay on board until the end of the 2001 congressional session, the year following expiration of his term.

A & E's new series Child Stars: Their Story is produced by Hearst Entertainment, Melissa Gilbert, Tony Dow and Casey Bierer. A story in the Cable section of the July 10 issue incorrectly identified the producer.

The Replay TV photo on page 42 of the July 10 issue was inaccurately captioned. ReplayTV records all programming-movies, TV shows and sports events, including all commercials. Viewers can not suppress advertising with ReplayTV's personal video recorders.