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Copyright-Bill Negotiations Continue

Apparently, nobody could be induced to mark up the so-called induce legislation Thursday. The Senate Judiciary Committee had tentatively planned to do so, but the language remained under too much fire. Instead, competing interests will continue to meet in what is described as a “massive” negotiating session.

The bill, S. 2560 for those keeping track, would target copyright violation by making secondary infringers liable. Just who should qualify as aiding and abetting content theft is the big issue.
Many fair use fans, including companies that make the software and hardware to copy such content, are afraid the definition of secondary infringement will be too broad, targeting legitimate copying and leading to nuisance suits at the drop of a digit. Content owners want to close any loopholes that would let hoards of digital pirates through.
So far, the committee's various drafts and iterations have not passed muster.