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Copps Vows More Ownership Hearings

Federal Communications Commission member Michael Copps said he and fellow Democratic commissioner Jonathan Adelstein will hold public hearings on the FCC ownership rules now being rewritten under orders from a Philadelphia appeals court.

On C-SPAN's Washington Journal Thursday morning, Copps also urged callers to talk to Congress and the FCC to make their voices heard. "I don't control the agenda," he said, "but there will be Michael Copps and Jonathan Adelstein hearings on new ownership rules."

He also once again urged his Republican colleagues on the commission to join him and Adelstein in soliciting more public input on the rules.
Copps has been the most active opponent of the FCC's deregulatory rule rewrite, and the most ardent proponent of getting more public input on the rules.
In fact, in an op ed piece in the New York Sun just prior to the Democratic National Convention, former FCC commissioner Harold Furchtgott-Roth labeled Copps the driving force behind derailing the ownership rules, saying he had "helped organize the largest grassroots e-mail campaign in world history to pressure Washington politicians to help defeat the rules."