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Copps slams Stern for NYC rescuers line

FCC Commissioner Michael Copps took syndicated radio shock jock Howard Stern to task last week for suggesting that New York prostitutes should provide free oral sex to firemen, police and other emergency workers aiding victims of the World Trade Center attack.

Stern's suggestions "crudely distorted and demeaned the essential nobility of what our people were coming together to accomplish," Copps said. His office received hundreds of e-mailed complaints about Stern's comments, aired the morning of Sept. 14.

Copps said he was all the more saddened by the comments because broadcasters, including Stern, were generally sensitive and supporting.

A spokesman for Infinity Radio, Stern's employer, said he was surprised by Copps complaint. "Like most New Yorkers, Howard Stern is balancing the constant remembrance of last week's tragedy with the heavy task of getting back to work, dealing with a wide variety of powerful images and emotions on the air every day in his own unique way," the spokesman said. - Bill McConnell