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Copps invokes FDR

New FCC Commissioner Michael Copps on Friday proudly pointed to a portrait of Franklin Delano Roosevelt silently presiding over an office that a few weeks ago belonged to conservative economist Harold Furchtgott-Roth, who certainly was no New Dealer.

Although Furchtgott-Roth would dispute the notion, Copps credited FDR with "saving capitalism" by infusing America's faltering free-market economy with a healthy dose of social justice. When it comes to the challenges facing the FCC, the former history professor sounds like an old school Democrat himself.

Although he's willing to consider relaxation of media ownership rules, he first wants to see how changes would benefit Americans. "While some they don't have eternal sanctity, the should not be eliminated in a caviler fashion because of ideology," he said.

When it comes to enforcing government rules against indecent broadcasts, he says the FCC isn't doing enough to investigate the many complaints. "Conducting two to three dozen inquiries a year is insufficient," he said in an interview Friday. "The FCC is instructed to enforce these rules and I want to make were we are doing our job." - Bill McConnell