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Copps Calls 'Big Media' Foes To Action

FCC Commissioner Michael Copps let loose with a "call to action" before artists, activists, and  journalists gathered in St. Louis Saturday for a media reform convention sponsored by Free Press, a grass roots organization opposing media consolidation.

"I ask your help in this all-American crusade to reclaim the people’s media for the people," said Copps, who along with fellow Democrat Jonathan Adelstein voted against the FCC GOP majority's 2003 attempt to loosen broadcast ownership rules.

The Supreme Court is now trying to decide whether it will hear an appeal of a lower court decision throwing out the FCC's deregulation.

"Don’t listen to those who counsel that now is not the time to fight. Don’t let the usual suspects inside the Beltway write the rules.  Jump in with both feet.  Involve your friends, your neighbors, anyone you can.  Convene meetings.  Write letters and articles.  Take to the Internet.  Use every source you can access. Do everything you can—and then do a little bit more!

The normally understated Copps wasn't done with the polemics: "A lot of work to do?  Sure.  Powerful interests on the other side?  You bet.  A steep climb?  Absolutely.  Winnable?  I have a two-word answer for that one:  Damned right!"